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In this OCD self-help section, I will explore one new avenue that is available for someone like you to get help. In recent years, there have been growing numbers of support groups for people with many disorders. Interestingly enough, there are even online support groups. Can you guess which one gets the most members? Yes, that is correct… depression support group gets the most of them.

I will tell you immediately I have no experience of running a support group for people with OCD. Nevertheless, I have plenty experiences of running one for people who have communication disorders. I will tell you that people who have communication disorders are just as depressed as you might be during this very moment. Depression goes side by side with many disorders.

You probably thought of joining one yourself. However, before you do, you need to ask yourself several questions that are as follow:

What do I expect from my ocd self-help support group? What are my goals for attending one? Are all support groups the same?

Let’s take each question separately and discuss…

What do I expect from my ocd self-help support group?

I used all support groups’ meetings for a sole purpose of whining about my life. Misery loves company. Doesn’t it? I have always been able to find misery and company. By the way, I would leave my support group meetings even more miserable and depressed. Yes, life is not fair. However, nobody really owes you anything in this world. If you are like me, you would leave all support group meetings feeling awful.

What are my goals for attending one?

I believe your primary goal for attending meetings is to discuss available treatments. Do not go just to meet people. Talk about what has been helpful to various members. Exchange ideas. Exchange experiences.

Once again, if your real goal is to cry on someone’s shoulder, you will probably find many shoulders to cry on. However, I doubt it will be very helpful to you in reducing or eliminating your psychological pain. In fact, once crying stops, depression sets in.

Are all support groups the same?

Support groups are not all the same because different members attend them. The "mood" of any group can generally be known within the first meeting. My own meetings, for instance, have always been filled with misery and pain. I did not feel like I needed to do anything to change it at that point of time. Being very miserable and depressed myself, I made everyone else around me depressed as well. As I look back, I now realize that those support meetings created more bad than good. In fact, they were not supportive, but rather destructive.

In conclusion, I have to say that only few support meetings I ever held or attended were helpful to me or to other members. In fact, I always felt more depressed after them than I did before them. If you will attend one, you will need to be aware of environment that is being created during them. Stay out of depressive places! If you do not, your ocd self-help support group will stop being a self-help one.

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