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A "How to" on Cure OCD

In this section, we will explore every OCD cure available. We will also talk about causes of this condition. Talking about what causes it will let us evaluate the effectiveness of other available treatments. Thus, make yourself comfortable and enjoy as we delve into this discussion.

It seems as if there is someone who continuously comes up with a new OCD cure on the market today. One question, which always pops up, when I read about each treatment is as follows:

"How effective is this new cure for OCD?"

In answering this important question, we need to talk about causes of OCD. I did read about some scientific evidence about brain abnormal activity in people who suffer from this condition. Many people are offering their own explanations about the cause of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Why do we need to know about the causes? As you know, knowing what causes it will let us treat it better.

I personally do not believe there is something abnormal in your brain because you are engaged in some obsessive behaviors. If we study any other disorder, we can come up with some abnormalities in brain activity as well. However, coming up with tests results does not make our lives easier or better.

What causes obsessive/compulsive behaviors?


We should never "stray" from one fact. OCD is an anxiety disorder. Therefore, targeting anxiety should be our NUMBER ONE priority!

I consider every OCD cure to be good as long as it consists of using natural remedies that are meant to treat the underlying cause of OCD, which is anxiety.

In another words, this so-called cure is meant to decrease a person's anxiety. Once your anxiety goes down, the occurrence of unwanted behaviors will go down as well. What is the main problem with other remedies?


OCD CONSISTS OF TWO MAIN COMPONENTS: ANXIETY AND HABIT. Again, how has your OCD begun? Let me offer you a very simple explanation that even a small child can understand. At first, there was anxiety. There was probably some event in your life that has triggered it in the first place. To relieve your anxiety, you began to engage in some "unwanted" behaviors.

These behaviors can vary greatly from one individual to another individual in terms of their intensity and occurrence. Some people wash their hands. Some people count in their head. Some people like me in the past check lights, stove, and doors many times to eliminate dangerous situations. When you began to relieve your anxiety with these behaviors, you felt better initially. You probably do not remember it yourself, but you did.

This short-lived pleasure that came from engaging in these behaviors has eventually turned into pain. What was pleasurable initially turned out to be a nightmare. These behaviors are now deeply rooted. Anxiety automatically triggers them. It is done unconsciously. You do not even realize often you are performing these behaviors. As we all know, habits are not easy to break. In fact, you now cannot control them even if you tried.

Therefore, to make any treatment successful, this disorder has to be targeted from every single corner. You cannot target anxiety without addressing your habit. By the same token, you cannot target your habit without addressing anxiety in your treatment. At this stage, we all need to come up with our final answer to one question that I asked earlier. This answer is as follows:

"All other OCD cures cannot be considered to be effective unless they address both components of this condition sufficiently."

Natural Therapy for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder addresses both components of this disorder. In fact, it teaches one how to combine more than one natural remedy to target each component adequately to make sure the treatment is successful.

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