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About Me

My obsessive/compulsive behavior started quiet unexpectedly. When I was in high school, I began checking whether I turned off the light switch or not two or three times every time I would leave a room. At first, I did not think too much about this behavior. It is much better to be sure than sorry, right? The ironic thing was I did remember that I turned the light switch off. Nevertheless, I still wanted to come back and check several times. This time, I did not even think about obsessive-compulsive disorder natural cures.

Over the next few years, this abnormal behavior has escalated to checking the light switch four or five times each time I would leave a room. Moreover, this behavior has spread to checking the stove. Each time, I would cook something on my stove, I had to check four or five times again for it to be off.

I began to be bothered by these behaviors because they took much of my time. Finally, I decided to break my habits on my own. To my own surprise, I couldn't. I felt much better by checking the stove and the light switch multiple times. I felt like it needed to be done to be safe in the house. At first, these behaviors even relieved my anxiety.

When I was a junior in college, I decided to get some treatment. During this time, I also struggled with a severe speech impediment (stuttering) that I have developed over the years. It consisted of spasmodic speech and resembled many anxiety disorders in terms of its symptoms. I went to my college psychologist and was referred subsequently to my school psychiatrist. He was quick to put me on various anti-anxiety medications. I thought that medications would treat all conditions at once.

I felt that my underlying anxiety has gotten better. I still repeated these behaviors occasionally. However, I did not care anymore. This OCD treatment was expensive and bothersome.

The medication routine ended up costing me more than $ 200 dollars per week. The side effects were severe. My nose bled, and I constantly had a belly ache. I had to stop using them anyway because I could not afford them anymore. I spent all my savings on purchasing medications.

Once I stopped using them, my OCD behaviors have returned to even more intense level than they were before. I now began checking whether I had locked my door or not multiple times. I would pull on the door knob so hard that I thought I could take the door off the hinges.

Throughout all these years, I also had thoughts that I was constantly in danger. My mind would get stuck on these thoughts for hours. Subconsciously, I tried to relieve these "undesirable" thoughts by engaging in these behaviors repeatedly.

Now, it was time to try different therapies. I started to seek the help of a few psychotherapists in their private practice. They were useless. Going to see them was truly waste of my time. I did not get better in any way.

Since I was a child, I had one favorite activity. It was reading. I felt reading helped me in a way to calm my mind and to change my focus. Borders and Barnes & Noble were two bookstores where I had spent majority of my time reading alternative medicine books.

Many books were lousy. They did not even mention this disorder. However, reading these books motivated me to begin seeing herbalists, hypnotists, acupuncturists, flower essence practitioners, naturopaths, energy medicine practitioners, and homeopaths. I had seen them for many years. I never regret seeing those alternative medicine practitioners because I was beginning to get answers. I was beginning to see what natural remedies I should be taking to overcome this condition. Luckily, I could experiment with so many remedies because they were not expensive at all.

After so many years of research, I was able to choose the best natural remedies for obsessive-compulsive disorder that a very few people know about. Eventually, I constructed my own routine that you will see in my program for optimum results. Moreover, I finally got control over my speech impediment with the help of natural remedies. Within the next few months of using natural remedies in my program, I was finally free...

I was free from checking my stove five times each time I cooked something. I was free from checking whether I turned the light switch off or not. I was free from checking whether I locked the door or not. I was free from having obsessive thoughts that I was in danger.

This freedom has been with me for a few years now. Try obsessive-compulsive disorder natural cures that have been set out in my program. You will never be sorry that you did.

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