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Letters from People Like Us

In this section, I decided it was time to post the most recent letters and e-mails out of many letters/e-mails I receive on a regular basis from people like you and me. This will give you some idea of how much progress one can make with the right tools. Of course, I will only post these letters/e-mails with people's permissions.

I also guarantee I will never share any confidential information, such as your physical address or email address, with any third party. I will never change any content in your letters/e-mails. However, I might edit the text to make them shorter.

"I used your recommendations on flower essences. I was surprised to find they were extremely effective in eliminating my panic attacks and anxiety. I no longer panic or get anxious like I did before."

Kelly C.

Boston, USA

"I tried many herbs, such as valerian root for my nervous tension with no success. I almost gave up on myself. I never actually thought of other natural remedies that are explained in your program. Today, I feel like I am a new person."

Michael W.

Bay Harbor, USA

"My OCD was counting numbers in my head. I used your program for two months. I think your energy medicine section is the most valuable one. I cannot believe I stopped doing what I was doing."


Stockholm, Sweden

"I had obsessive thoughts of being doomed. I felt like the world is about to crash, and I was about to die. After I used your Natural Therapy for OCD, I no longer feel this way. In fact, I feel safe now."

Melissa C.

Toronto, Canada

"I bought your program about seven months ago. I could not breath normally because of my nervousness. Your advices on using homeopathic remedies and hypnosis are priceless. I am living a normal life."

Ted G.

Orlando, USA

My brief comments were as follow:

"Thank you for sharing your story. I am extremely happy you are able to gain control over your life. I am also glad my natural program played a significant role in helping you to transform your future. All the best to you!"

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