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Some Thoughts on Life and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Do you hate your life because you are living with your obsessive-compulsive disorder? I used to wake every morning simply feeling lousy about me and my life in general... As a matter of fact, I felt this way for decades.

There was a movie that I had recently rented from Blockbuster. It was called Inheritance. This movie was foreign. The actors spoke Danish. The movie, of course, had subtitles in English. After the movie, there was a very interesting discussion between the actors. Some of that discussion was about life and how we view different things in life.

What was interesting about that discussion was the actors quoted what Queen Ingrid said. She made a statement in one of her speeches, which is as follows:

“Not all of us get the life we should have or that we want. But we all get a life, and may be that’s good enough."

This statement certainly rings true. You see we all do have a right to complain about our life, our obsessive-compulsive disorder or any other painful condition we have. However, we often do not think that life with all problems we have is still very precious. There is always a place for enjoyment no matter how painful life is. Remember that as kids, we used to enjoy our lives a lot more than we do now. One can argue we did not have as many problems as we do now. That much is true. However, it is also true we can start enjoying our lives at any moment of time no matter what the circumstances are.

Just imagine what could have been if you did not live at all. I think any life is better than no life at all. Any life is good enough. Nevertheless, you should always strive to make it better. This natural therapy will help you in that regard.

One other thing that Queen Ingrid said previously in one of her speeches is as follows:

“You have to learn to want what you have to do.”

Again, this rings true. There are things in life we have to do. If we do not do them, we will suffer consequences. If you do not deal with OCD or any other anxiety disorder, things can get only worse with time. However, realizing that we have to do something about this problem will not make any significant change in our lives.

We have to want to do things that need to be done. You need motivation. Otherwise, no amount of encouragement either from me or from somebody else will make you do something that needs to be done. I believe motivation has to be cultivated internally. You need to believe that things could be different. You can definitely change yourself. You can “change” your obsessive-compulsive disorder or any other anxiety disorder.

If you are using OCD medication and behavior therapy, you already know that you can reduce the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Although medications tend to “mask” the symptoms of OCD, they still can do a lot. In some cases, they are absolutely necessary. By the way, I am not a fan of any behavior therapy. I am a “fan” of alternative medicine therapies. I know once you try alternative medicine therapies, you will be a “fan” too.

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