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Everybody Has Obsessive-Compulsive Behaviors

This statement is somewhat extreme. Many people will object to it. However, think about it for a moment. The anxiety is present in everyone’s lives. People have different ways of relieving it. Some people are compulsive overeaters. They relieve their anxiety by swallowing burgers or sweets. Often, the fact that they have compulsive behaviors is clearly shown. Simply look at their bellies.

Some people are compulsive shoppers. Some relieve their anxiety by buying stuff that they will not use later. Some people are obsessed with their bodies. They spend hours working out in the gym. Yet, when they come to the mirror, they are seldom satisfied with how they look. In another words, working out more does not really help.

Most people are “hiding” their obsessive/compulsive behaviors from the rest of this world. In most cases, you cannot even tell that a person has OCD. I bet you learned to hide it well. Most people are living in isolation. Suffering takes place. Suffering is greatly aggravated by the fact that a person feels he or she is alone. Nevertheless, you should always feel better because you are not alone to struggle with these behaviors. While it is true that the severity of unwanted behaviors varies from one person to another person, everybody is obsessed with something. Everybody has compulsive behaviors.

What about kids? Normal, healthy kids will develop various obsessive/compulsive behaviors later in life. The anxiety will “kick in” their lives too. I do not think that anyone can do anything to prevent anxiety from “kicking in.” Life involves stresses. However, how you deal with your anxiety is entirely up to you. You can choose how you will treat your anxiety. You can always try conventional and alternative medicine.

The researchers suspect that anywhere from one to three percent of population has OCD. By the way, the term “obsessive/compulsive” is very common and popular in our society. The main reason why it became so popular is because so many people are engaged in various anxiety-relieving behaviors. Most people with this condition do not seek treatment primarily because they do not think they have this disorder. After all, everybody is doing something compulsive.

Nevertheless, if you feel that your behaviors are out of control, you need treatment. By the way, what are the clear signs of OCD? Having no control over your compulsive behaviors is one of those signs. Engaging in these behaviors for hours on a daily basis is another sign. Thinking that you need to perform your unwanted behaviors in a certain way to relieve your obsession is the third sign you have OCD. By the way, every compulsive behavior you ever had was “meant” to relieve anxiety. You can either have obsession or compulsion to have this condition. You might have both components of this disorder simultaneously.

In any event, you need to understand you are not alone with your struggle. Every person has some obsessive or compulsive behaviors. These behaviors might not be severe enough to raise them to the level of OCD. Nonetheless, they are there. Lastly, as you did read in this section, the treatment is available to all people who want it. It can consist of conventional and alternative medicine as well. Luckily, we live during times when many things can be done to any condition, not just obsessive-compulsive disorder.

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