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A Deal is a Deal: Obsessive-Compulsive Anxiety Disorder

Have you ever watched an old TV program that is called A Deal is a Deal? It has nothing to do with obsessive-compulsive anxiety disorder. I watched it probably once or twice myself in the past. I cannot say I liked it very much, but may be you did. I liked the name of it though. I thought about the name of this TV program for some time. It represents your deal in life. I believe you were meant to deal with your obsessive-compulsive anxiety disorder. You did not choose it. You did not pick it on purpose. However, this condition has been probably chosen for you. I do not want to get religious here. Nevertheless, you need to accept the fact that although you did not choose your “bad” card, you are here to play it the best way you can.

You have to learn to accept this deal. Without accepting it first and taking responsibility for it, you can never change this obsessive-compulsive anxiety disorder. Not accepting it will only lead to more frustration and pain in a long run. By the way, never blame yourself for this “bad” card; you were simply given it when the cards were shuffled at the beginning of one game called life. Now, many winners were given bad cards. They learned to play them. Whenever these bad cards are given, most people automatically assume they are losers. Making this assumption when the game of life only begins is what makes them so.

Over the years, I have personally come across many people who have risen above many insurmountable obstacles. I also have come across people who were given every advantage in life. Yet, they could never take advantage of their good fortune. They seemed miserable and unhappy. Life has a strange way of balancing things. Doesn’t? Sometimes, it seems like it is a game. I still believe that life is a fight. It is a constant and never-ending fight. Many times, we need to fight or have to fight for our survival. There is noone to fight it for us.

Unfortunately, life does not get easier. I always like to say that you are here only for a limited period of time. You need to make your life the best possible experience it can be. A good thing about life is that you are still able to decide the direction of your life. If you feel helpless and hopeless, please do not. We are living in modern times where you still can do many constructive things to your obsessive-compulsive behaviors. Imagine what would have been like for you to live one or two centuries ago. You would not have had access to all alternative medicine therapies.

We live during a great time of information. There is so much useful information that comes to us from so many different sources. There is internet. There is always TV and radio. There are magazines and newspapers that we can read. It is really ridiculous to have all this information and not to do anything constructive with it. Yet, many people would be lazy to get their butts off their chairs to do something constructive to obsessive-compulsive anxiety disorder.

I believe it is simply our human nature to be lazy. At times, we all need people to remind us that we are capable of great things. It is easy to give up hope of ever getting better when we all failed many times to get better despite trying. However, we all need to get up and to start taking action again. Unfortunately, I am not standing right next to you to motivate you personally. If I could, I would have been there for you at all times. Many times, I need motivation myself to start moving in the right direction again.

Although I am not next to you, alternative medicine therapies definitely are. They have been available to you as long as you have been alive. You can try hypnosis, homeopathic remedies, flower essences, energy medicine techniques separately or you can try them together by using this Natural Therapy for OCD. However, please do something constructive to make things better! You live only once and make it count!

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