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What is obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)?

As you already read on the site, my obsessive compulsive behaviors have started quiet unexpectedly. When I was in high school, I suddenly began to check whether I turned off the light switch or not several times. In the beginning, I did not think about this behavior at all. It is much better to be sure than sorry, right? The ironic thing was I did remember that I turned the light switch off. Nevertheless, I still wanted to come back and check several times. Eventually, I realized I had no conscious control over this behavior. In fact, the intensity of my unwanted behavior grew significantly. I felt I was out of control. Once I did realize it, I walked into my local bookstore and began to read about various conditions. It was very obvious that OCD is what I had. Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), in my opinion, is a loss of control over my behaviors. You can call it obsessions and compulsions. Collectively, I call it a loss of control over once life.

Many people call it obsessive compulsive personality disorder. However, this is not a very accurate description. Although we might attribute some symptoms of this problem to one’s personality, it has little to do with it. In very simple terms, OCD is a problem in living since it can encompass a wide variety of unwanted behaviors. It is often difficult to receive an effective obsessive-compulsive disorder treatment when a person does not have a very good understanding of what this condition is. Essentially, it consists of obsessions and compulsions. For examples, a girl who checks if her apartment door is locked ten times definitely has a compulsion. A guy who has thoughts about committing sins continuously has an obsession with sins.

Understanding OCD obsessions and compulsions

Many people who call their problem an obsessive compulsive personality disorder have a hard time understanding their own behaviors. As I stated previously, there is an underlying anxiety that triggers these behaviors in the first place. Some sufferers think they have gotten rid of unwanted behaviors when they do not experience them for some time. This, however, is not true. There are certain times when a person does not have much anxiety. This means anxiety cannot trigger these unwanted behaviors

Signs and symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

Ironically, there are some cases where this condition is not visible. Many people who count obviously do so in their mind. In some cases, symptoms can be barely noticeable. A girl who has a certain way of organizing things at home can be thought as an organized person rather than a person with OCD. By the way, what is the difference between two? An organized person can exercise control over his or her behaviors. In another words, he or she can stop. An OCD person cannot.

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) symptoms in children

Children are not very different from adults in terms of their symptoms. It is a huge mistake to think that children display fewer symptoms than adults do. Sometimes, the severity of OCD can exceed the one of adult. When I was much younger, I was checking the lights in my room to make sure they are off all the time. As I have gotten older, I was checking the lights just as many times as I did before.

Therapy as treatment for obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

As I mentioned previously, there are only two forms of getting obsessive compulsive disorder help. The first one is using medications to obtain an ocd cure. Typically, many anti-anxiety medications work well. Secondly, treatment for obsessive-compulsive disorder includes some behavior modification therapy. If a person is counting in his head, this behavior can be reduced. Ideally, many professionals use a combination of these two approaches to obtain an ocd cure.

By the way, can one really obtain an ocd cure? I already talked about it. A cure for ocd cannot really be obtained because a habit cannot be “cured.” Arguably, it can be eliminated altogether permanently or greatly reduced. I am using the terms “a cure for ocd” and “ocd cure” for illustration purposes only.

Self-help obsessive compulsive disorder therapy can be administered. Over the years, I found out that obsessive compulsive personality disorder help is there. There is plenty of it. Since this condition involves anxiety, many things should be implemented to reduce it. Drinking a lot of coffee and eating wrong foods that can increase anxiety is not a good idea. Typically, one will find the severity of OCD will increase when a person cannot stop drinking cokes or drinking alcohols. Another useful thing that can be implemented is exercise. For me, aerobics calm me down more than anything else. Exercising for thirty minutes or more each day is all you need to reduce your OCD symptoms. Weight training on me seems to work to a lesser degree. Although it is still a great exercise, it makes the body tense up. On the hand, aerobics loosen the body up. This is what decreases anxiety in the first place.

I also have a wonderful experience with yoga and chi kung. These gentle exercises that work on increasing chi are superb for getting rid of stress and anxiety. They work on so many levels that I often wonder why many people who suffer from this condition do not get obsessive compulsive disorder help this way. By the way, I do not recommend any particular style of chi kung or yoga. However, I would still abstain from iron chi kung when practicing by yourself because this kind of practice is not safe without a qualified instructor. I also would not do certain yoga postures when there is a good chance I would fall and injure myself. Yoga mat does not always prevent injuries. A person does not necessarily land on the mat when there is a fall. If you land on the floor, you can easily end up in your local hospital with fractured bones. Always use your common sense when you do these exercises

Meditation is another great obsessive compulsive personality disorder treatment. This form of exercise is great to combat anxiety. It is great to relax one’s mind. There are so many meditation techniques. Walk into your local bookstore. You will find many books on how to do meditation practices. By the way, I consider meditation to be the best form of exercise for this condition. Calming one’s mind with meditation can have exactly the same effect on you as your prescribed medication. Another benefit is that the more your practice, the better you will become in dealing with your condition.

There are also some other techniques that are useful. Progressive muscles relaxation is great for learning how to relax different parts of your body step by step. Once each major muscle group is relaxed, you will find your anxiety lessens too. I also talked about Alexander Technique in another section. Some people attempted to use this technique to receive ocd cure in the past. It is believed that through a very careful observation of one’s body, one can detect wrong behaviors and subsequently eliminate them. This technique caused much debate in the past with regard to its usefulness and effectiveness. However, one cannot argue that detecting his or her own wrong behaviors and trying to eliminate is totally useless.

There are many problems with Alexander Technique. Spending a lot of time on trying to detect something is burdensome. It is often impossible to do it by yourself. After all, we are often become accustomed to doing something wrong. We eventually begin to consider this behavior to be normal. Thus, we might not simply become aware of it. As you might imagine, you will need someone else to detect these behavior for you. Also, reducing these unwanted behaviors might take years to learn. In this situation, I am in favor of using the pills to get necessary obsessive compulsive disorder help as soon as possible.

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