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How to Treat Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder at Home

In this section, we will briefly discuss how to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder at home with the help of alternative medicine therapies. As you already know, there are many natural therapies available to target various medical conditions, not just OCD. Although using alternative medicine therapies in treating this disorder seems like a new approach, it really is not. Natural remedies have been used by people for centuries. The most difficult task is to find out what works and what does not. It is also difficult to combine remedies from different therapies together for optimum results. My Natural Therapy for OCD deals effectively with these tasks.

I) FLOWER ESSENCE THERAPIES- They can successfully target mental components of this disorder. Primarily, flower essences can calm your mind. These therapies are believed to have an indirect effect on physical symptoms of illnesesses, including OCD. Once psychological symptoms are dealt with, many illnesses lose their grip on people.

II) HOMEOPATHIC THERAPY- This therapy can address both your compulsive behavior and obsession. Homeopathy can eliminate anxiety and clear mind. This form of alternative medicine was extremely popular in the last century. It is now gaining popularity again.

III) ENERGY MEDICINE- This section is able to stand on its own. Energy medicine techniques can be used to "stop" rituals as well as obsessive thoughts. My own experiences tell me that this type of medicine should be used to prevent a person from engaging in his rituals first and the most.

IV) HYPNOSIS- It is a great supplemental therapy. From my own experience, I will tell you if you know how to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder with hypnosis, you already have taken care of at least half of this problem. Hypnosis can decrease significantly the occurrence of compulsive behavior. It can calm a person's mind.

V) VITAMIN/MINERAL THERAPY- Although vitamins cannot address all your symptoms, they can certainly decrease your anxiety. As you know anxiety often triggers your compulsive behavior in the first place. Vitamin/mineral therapy can be a wonderful suplemental therapy for many illnesses where anxiety plays a big role.

VI) VISUALIZATION/IMAGERY THERAPY- Visualization exercises can help you to establish some control over your obsession or compulsive behavior. The more you practice these exercises, the more control you will have over OCD. Visualization therapy has been used successfully for many years because your brain uses images to process things. By using images in a way that supports the sufferer, many positive behaviors can be enforced.

What are other ways of treating OCD?

If we turn to our traditional medicine for answers, there are two primarily ways to treat it.

I) PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS- Anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications have been used to treat this condition. Anti-depressants that are used to target this condition are as follow: Prozac, Luvox, Paxil, Zoloft, Anafranil. Often, several medications have to be combined together for optimum results. Conventional medications "mask" symptoms, but they never get to the root of this problem. For some people, they absolutely necessary in the treatment.

Since the prescribed doses for treating OCD are much higher than the ones are used for treating depression, you are likely to experience severe side effects. Another problem with conventional medications is they are very expensive. For instance, purchasing Zoloft and using it for one week can cost you over $ 200 US dollars. This is a major financial investment.

As you know one medication is typically combined with another medication to increase its effectiveness. In this how to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder case, you might expect to pay much more than you had ever anticipated for medications.

When people do not have money for a prescribed medication routine, many doctors suggest to cut the number of used pills. This way, the costs are being reduced. One drawback of this suggestion is the fact that the whole routine migh become suddenly ineffective even to "mask" temporarily the OCD symptoms.

II) BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION THERAPY- Psychological therapy is used to decrease the occurrence of compulsive behavior. Many people report this type of therapy is not very effective unless it is combined with psychiatric drugs.

How do you treat OCD?

You need to expand your horizons by looking at all alternative ways of treatment. If you are lost and do not know where to start, purchasing this natural therapy will provide you with much needed answers.

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