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First Step Towards Compulsive Disorder Freedom- Taking Responsibility

This section is about getting compulsive disorder freedom now. Believe it or not, the first step in your personalized program for recovery should not be using any medication or any therapy. Yes, you did not misunderstand this statement.

No therapist will ever be helpful to you unless you are willing to take a very important step towards your recovery. This compulsive disorder freedom step is easy to talk about, but it is extremely hard to take.


Your psychiatrist cannot do it for you. Zoloft cannot do it for you. I cannot do it for you.

You are responsible for what is happening to you. You are responsible for what has happened to you in the past. You are certainly responsible for what will happen to you in the future!

We live in a society of victims. Simply walk into your therapist's office, and you will see victims. You will see people who blame other people, life events and circumstances, but never themselves for their misfortunes. Blaming anyone else will not help you to get obsessive disorder freedom. Blaming yourself continuously will not allow you to heal either.

What about life circumstances?

While it is true life circumstances play a role in your life, you determine what your actions will be. You are the only one who determines which actions you need to take and will be taking in regard to your treatment. Your actions shape your destiny and your future. Thus, you cannot place a total blame on life circumstances for what is going on in your life presently.

How did I begin to change my life?

I woke up one morning and simply realized that blaming other people (my relatives) will not help me to get better. In fact, the more I blamed them, the more psychological pain I felt. I found my life was a total mess. Although I wanted to accomplish many things in my life, I accomplished very little.

I quickly realized if my life will be any better in the future, I will need to start taking responsibility for it. This should be your first step in obsessive personalized program recovery. It was my first step towards compulsive disorder freedom.

From that point on, I would wake up and say the statement, which is as follows:

"I am SOLELY responsible for my life. I am SOLELY responsible for my condition. From now on, I will take responsibility for my condition, my emotions, my feelings and my life."

This statement was my first step towards the recovery. Saying this statement aloud with feelings allowed me to start healing inside. It allowed me to start searching for alternative medicine remedies.

Try saying this statement for at least one week. Use it along with my Natural Therapy for OCD. See how better you will feel immediately. This statement is absolutely free, and it is yours to use. It does not require to read a long book on recovery. It also does not require to spend a lot of time and money on psychotherapists.

I am still saying this statement to this day. I do not consider myself to be a victim. I do not hide from this world as I used to hide with all my problems. I will also strongly suggest you combining this statement with my natural therapy to realize all benefits immediately.

I know you will soon realize you can and will take control of all areas in your life. This is your first and the most important step in obsessive personalized program recovery. Take this step today, and you will be on your road to compulsive disorder freedom. In fact, you will realize all benefits right now!

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